Friday, December 10, 2010

First Most Valuable IM Tip

This is my first and most valuable tip that took me awhile to learn.   For a long time I would go on and read read read and read the latest and greatest information on seo and internet marketing.  I can tell you the most valuable tip right now is NOT TOO! Yes you need to stay informed but many people like me get into this 90% study 10% action routine.   The very best I can give you if you're anything like me is learn only about %10 of the time and act 90% of the time.   Turn off all your distractions tv/music and all that, this was a very hard one for me cuz I like to distract myself and I also REALLY love listening to music.  But once you do that your productivity will go through the roof!  You will get really good at focusing and reaching your goals,  so stop reading blogs and forums and the next big tip and get to work!! It really is the best tip I can give someone new or old in this field.  Hope it helps and let me know if you put this work and what kind of results you're getting.

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